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In the world of finance we commonly say that when you merge many sections of a company, the value of the united entity is usually higher than the sum of values of all the individual parts. Ranjani is the human version of that maxim. Unlike most of us, she grew up in different parts of the country and studied in various schools thanks to her dad’s transferrable job profile. Troubling as it may have been for a child to change schools and friends, the best part was that she was exposed to India’s truest strength – diversity. So her love for travel and exploring the unknown was instilled at a very early age. Her electives and major was applied sciences and this too only stoked her relentless itch to research, plan, document etc. No wonder that when she started traveling often, she turned herself into a meticulous expert on mapping, scheduling and planning trips irrespective of the latitude, longitude and altitude. I seriously at times believe it’s her voice coming out of the Google map app.

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The other player in this team is Raghavan who works full time as an investment analyst, and both of us quickly realized one thing and that is to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and contribute according to that. Raghavan is in many ways the opposite of Ranjani, in that he grew up during his childhood entirely in one city and graduated from the same school all through his life. Planning and preparing to avoid for any untoward surprises are his forte. A little bit of nerdiness never hurt anyone and he sure leverages that when it comes to learning local languages, exploring the historical significance of our destinations and so on. Maybe it was his exposure to the HINDU crosswords from a very early age or just his graduation stint abroad, either way when it comes to talking to strangers and writing up content for us in quick time Raghavan takes over the mantle. We both love photography but he does the clicking and she prefers posing. Rararaasta comes from Ranjani and Raghavan trying to explore paths or raastas not commonly taken. We have travelled to 8 countries and absolutely love exploring India. In 2018 alone we did a 20 day trip to Madhya Pradesh, a 22 day trip in Russia and a week in Bhutan along with many weekend trips in India. We consider our trip to Russia as our most exciting journey yet in terms of its planning, on-ground experiences and diversity of landscape that we witnessed. Combining Ranjani’s passion for travel with Raghavan’s mania for anything to do with cinema is what we want to incorporate and exhibit in every trip and in the future we would like to travel to all the locations that have been featured in movies.