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We are Raghavan and Ranjani and our life’s philosophy is “get there to get it”. What does that mean for travel? Once we were warned to pack enough vegetarian food for our long trip to Russia. Thank god we didn’t heed to that advice we found plenty of local options some of which we recreate in our own kitchen. 

While we love to do our research we don’t follow popular opinions blindly. Hence, we pick our own paths (Raastas). Irrespective of the outcome and destination, the journey alone does enough to tantalize us. This way we can turn around and be like Will Hunting and say “Hey at least I won't be unoriginal”.

From Mizoram in the far east to Kutch in the west, Kashmir in the north to Rameshwaram in the south, we love exploring our home country India! We’ve spent over three weeks in Madhya Pradesh and yet have only just scratched the surface of the huge state. We’ve explored Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and some other states on road trips.

Occasionally we do step out to appreciate other countries and cultures. The people of Russia and Bhutan remain our favourite to date. Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand made us feel we were closer to home.


This path leads you to...

Since we craft our own Raasta's [paths] you'd find our Itineraries, Food in the places we visit and the stories that would make your memories ring with nostalgia.

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